A Florist in Lichfield

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Certified, Luxury Florist, Jem’s Floral Studio is ran by two creative sisters, Jem and Pip, making their dream a reality.

Quality and customer service is a priority. We like to see you as part of the family rather than customers. Our 5* reviews over all our platforms reflects this.

We aren’t your average florists and we offer something different and special. We can cater to any style and any occasion making your flowers the WOW factor of any event or gift.

Please feel free to browse around the website to find out more. We would love to hear from you.

Jem & Pip

We Are Now On YouTube! We Would Love Your Support!


Stunning flowers

Unusual & unique designs.

Great prices & excellent service.

Wouldn’t use anyone else now!

The most beautiful flowers great service Jem has delivered a few bouquets for me now and they have always been commented on how lovely the bouquets were x

Amazing flowers!! Keep coming back to Jem as her work is unbelievable. Fantastic customer service as well xx

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