How To Care For Your JFS Bouquet



Bouquets In A Bag

Hiya! We hope you absolutely love your new blooms from Jem’s Floral Studio. Your cut stems have just arrived in our studio 24 hours after being delivered from Holland. We pride ourselves on this and being a made to order business and the best team makes this possible. Your cut flowers are a living thing and need love and care to live a happier life!! Average life is 7-10 days.
Now, in order to keep your cut flowers fresher for longer, here is our advice that we have learned throughout the years at JFS:
Now you don’t have to do anything for the next 2 days as we have already made sure your blooms are snug and comfortable. You can just enjoy there beauty for now.
After the 2 days, please take your blooms out the bag and untie your water bubble, which is the cellophane wrapped around the bottom of your stems with the water in. Optionally, you can take the cellophane off from around the heads of the stems, I always choose not to as I think it makes the bouquet look elegant.
Please then find some sharp scissors or secateurs and snip about half an inch off the bottom at a 45 degree angle. This is for every individual stem.
Then, find a clean vase or container and fill it up half way with warm water. Your cut stems will really appreciate this and last longer!
Finally, to keep your flowers going for max life, repeat this every 2 days, making sure you clean the vase each time!
Happy max life!! Jem xxx ?

Bouquets With a Cellophane Skirt

Congratulations, you are a very lucky recipient! You have received one of Jem’s Floral Studios largest bouquets. So big, it doesn’t fit in our bags!! WOW!!
Now, your bouquet wants water. So you need to now, remove the cellophane skirt, but leave the cellophane around the heads of the cut flowers. Then find a large vase or container, make sure it’s nice and clean and fill it half way up with warm water.
Cut each stem to the size of your vase at a 45 degree angle. Making sure they are all the same length.
Then sit back and enjoy your blooms!
But wait, these beauties are a living thing and need care and love. So after 2 days please repeat this process again. Making sure your vase or container is cleaned again, warm water and the bottoms snipped at the end. Please repeat this process as much as possible.
Trust me, you will both benefit from this!

Bouquet/ Arrangement in Floral Foam

You will be reading this if you have received our contemporary bouquet or a hat box.
You’re lucky as there isn’t much maintenance to this at all. You can sit back and enjoy your stems by putting a cup of warm water in there every 2 days. That is it. Yes ?? no problem ? If you would like to, if you have a water sprayer, just give them a lil spritz.

Do We Have To Do This?

Yes, and I will explain:

Cutting your stems at a 45 degree angle is crucial. If you cut your stems flat, they cannot drink. The stem will just sit, stuck at the bottom of the vase and won’t be able to get any water. This also allows a bigger surface space for your stem to drink as much as it desires. Meaning more life!

Putting your stems in warm water isn’t crucial, but they will love you for it. It will bring back all the life in your stems and make them really bloom to their full potential. This is what we have learned during the years!

Why don’t we use flower food? Well, We used to use it and we learned, for us, that this really isn’t beneficial in any way. Our stems last with or without, so why make it more complicated? You can use it by all means if you have your own though!!

I hope you enjoy your flowers for the maximum time possible!

Jem xxx