Online Academy


Ever Wanted To Make Your Own Flowers or Become a Florist?

Today is your lucky day as we have a FREE online academy. With the help of YouTube we have been able to upload over 100 informative videos which consist of tutorials for beginners, intermediate and advanced Florists. We cover all aspects of Floristry such as in-depth tutorials, business advice, pricing, weddings, funerals, everyday bouquets, day in the life vlogs and much more.

We want to be able to contribute towards making the floristry community a lovely place for us all. Learning, helping and growing together.

With 10,000 of you already, these videos are only possible for me to make because of engagement on my videos, so if you could please consider maybe liking, commenting or subscribing to the channel, I will be able to continue to make more informative videos for you.

Thank you in advance.

I have uploaded a few below for you to try.

Jem xxx