The A Team, where all your floral dreams are created.


Jem- Owner, Florist, Floral Designer and specialist in all aspects

Pip (Full time, yep 7 days a week ?)- Expert in Marketing and branding. In charge of e-commerce orders and organises our daily tasks and orders. Basically The Mother of JFS. We ask her what lies ahead in our week and she gets it 100% right each time, which is every employers dream. She is also Jem’s younger Sister

Aimee- You will only see Aimee in the busy occasions such as, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Wedding season and Christmas. She has the most welcoming smile and personality. Everyone loves our Aimz.
Unfortunately for us she works full time as a pharmacist so can only help when we really need her. It’s good if we have any health problems though ?

Katherine- Jem and Pip’s Mum. Katherine helps out whenever we really need her. You will sometimes be greeted on collection or if we are really lucky, she does deliveries as well ?

Sophie- Jem and Pip’s older sister. She will help us with sympathy and funeral flowers when we are extremely busy. She is an expert now, not by choice though ? Sophie owns 2 funeral homes, Jukes Funeral Services in Lichfield and Tamworth.

Stewart- Jem and Pip’s Dad. You will sometimes see our Dad working as a handy man on event set ups and Weddings. I assure you, he does enjoy it even though he pretends not to. Picture below ?? to prove it.

Otis- We can’t forget our cat, Otis as he is a big part of our team, he gets in every photo and makes us feel calm. You will more than likely be greeted at the door by Otis as he thinks he’s a dog. In wedding consultations he will try and be the centre of attention by lying on our wedding brochure. Don’t worry though we always ask if you like cats or are allergic. Then he has to go and entertain himself ?

If you are still reading this. Thank you for taking an interest in our team!